10 years of Telecom Innovations with TravelSim!

10 years of Telecom Innovations with TravelSim!

Celebrating its 10th anniversay this year, TravelSim has grown to become the world’s leading alternative roaming service and a well-known international brand during the last decade. What is behind the scenes of this international success stoy?

TravelSim started its roaming service in 2006, first launched in regions close to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Russia. The first services were like bare bones – calls and short message services. TravelSim users needed different phone numbers for calls and SMS services. There was no data, no voicemail, no location services, and no Personal Assistant or other value-added services.

Today, TravelSim is the world’s leading alternative roaming service, with more than 4.5 million users worldwide and 190 countries covered. TravelSim runs a distribution network in over 62 countries across the globe, and this number is constantly increasing. For example, we recently signed a distribution agreement with a company from Brunei. Our main services are roaming sim cards that have all the features, including data packs, SMS bundles, cheap calls, and data service.

TravelSim attracts primarily two types of end users – business and leisure travellers. Leisure customers are seasonal, using roaming service usually in winter and summer. Business customers are active users all year round, from Monday to Friday, but use fewer services over the weekends.

But there are also some very unusual TravelSim “customers”, such as hunting dogs and wild animals. Transmitters with our sim cards are installed on the collars of hunting dogs so that hunters are able to follow dogs in border areas where regular mobile service coverage is often questionable. TravelSim is also used in the trackers placed on wild animals in order to track their migration through different countries.

TravelSim is a technologically advanced company with a very talented team that can come up with very interesting and unusual approaches to outlined challenges. As you already know, we have been on the market since 2006 and have accumulated an enormous amount of experience, which gives us a great advantage. We know behavioural market processes, and this allows us to look ahead a few steps, we invest in technology and
in people, and are as flexible and creative as possible!

In the tech world, 10 years can be multiple lifetimes. However, what we will try to be is the leading global provider of value-added mobile services for both enterprise and leisure customers. We feel that we have a very loyal customer base, because end users and distributors trust us and trust our product. When customers give their middle school children who are going on a school trip abroad our TravelSim card, they are trusting our firm to make sure that communications work. We value this relationship, and we will strive to make sure that this reputation does not change in the future.