Cooperation Opportunity for Telecom Industry

Top Connect is ready to engage with telecom operators globally in order to help reduce their running costs, improve profitability and ensure competitive advantages on their respective markets. We have worked out multiple tools that can be applied to different business cases in the telco industry.


The advantage of the wholesale cooperation is the ability to pay only for actually consumed services, at wholesale rate and after the end of the current billing period. Of-course such terms are the privilege of the telecom operators and a security deposit will be required as guarantee.


Wholesale cooperation enables the retail rates management and margin per destination adjustments to be performed by the partner.


If you manage your own numbering plan and you wish to use this numbers with our SIMs, a SIP trunk must be established between our equipment. We have several POPs around the globe to peer with you for the minimum latency and the highest possible quality of the connection. There are several billing options for this setup, including a profit sharing model. CLI management is included. This trunk may also be used in case you are interested in purchasing termination to our numbers directly from Top Connect to ensure the best possible rate and quality.


If you manage your own SMS enabled numbers we may interconnect also for SMS delivery. There are options for CLI management on outbound SMS as well.


Would you like to build a seamless extension for your existing service and you don’t want your customers to worry about the balance allocation for a roaming SIM – no worries! With a simple and redundant setup we may integrate with any billing system on your end for service provisioning and online CDR exchange.


Full featured XML API is at your service for transparent integration of any of our features or services into your existing resources. Top Connect stays completely behind scenes for your customers at all times!


Our well trained NOC team is available 24×7 to back you up and troubleshoot any possible issue! Our quality assurance standards are considered as very high in this industry and we keep an eye on the system round the clock with automated ASR control, Voice quality measurement and load balancing tools!

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Alex Arhipov

Alex Arhipov

Business Development manager
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Margarita Nuut

Business development manager
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Roman Konstantinov

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